After 12 years, Yamuna Expressway authority starts a plot registry

After a long wait of 12 years, the Yamuna Expressway Authority has finally started the plot registry process for its allottees. The news has come as a ray of hope for thousands of people who had invested their hard-earned money in the project and were waiting for their plots to be registered.

The Yamuna Expressway project, which was initiated in 2001, is one of the biggest infrastructure projects in the country. The 165 km long expressway, which connects Greater Noida with Agra, was built to reduce travel time and boost economic growth in the region. The project also included the development of residential and commercial plots along the expressway, which were allotted to people through a lottery system.

However, the allottees had to face numerous delays and issues in getting possession of their plots. The process was marred by controversies, legal battles, and administrative hurdles, which led to a long wait for the allottees. Many of them had invested their life savings in the project, hoping to build their dream homes or start a business, but were left in limbo for years.

But now, with the start of the plot registry process, the authorities have given a glimmer of hope to the allottees. The process is expected to be completed in a phased manner, with the first phase covering around 21,000 plots. The registry will give legal ownership of the plots to the allottees, which will enable them to start construction or sell the plots to others.

The registry process is a significant development for the real estate sector in the region. The completion of the registry will boost investor confidence and attract more investment in the area. It will also provide much-needed relief to the allottees, who had been waiting for years to get possession of their plots.

However, the process is not without its challenges. The authorities will have to ensure that the registry process is transparent and fair and that there are no further delays or controversies. They will also have to address the issues related to land acquisition and compensation, which have been contentious issues in the past.

In conclusion, the start of the plot registry process after 12 years is a positive development for the Yamuna Expressway project and the allottees. It is a much-awaited relief for the allottees, who had been waiting for years to get legal ownership of their plots. The completion of the process will also boost investor confidence and bring more investment to the region. However, the authorities will have to ensure that the process is transparent and fair and address any issues that may arise during the process.

The Yamuna Expressway industrial development authority (Yeida) on Wednesday said it has begun the process to register, residential plots in sectors 18 and 20 it had allotted in 2009.

About 21,000 plots in the two sectors were allotted to individuals. The authority has already facilitated about 5,500 registries in the two sectors. By the end of the month, it aims to execute 2,500.

“Work is on in around 11,000 plots. The registry of around 7,000 plots is already under process. Work to develop basic facilities in these two sectors is in full swing,” said Arun Vir Singh chief executive officer of the Yeida.

Construction is in its final stages in blocks I and J in sector 18, as well as A, B, C and D blocks in sector 20, he said.

Meanwhile, the association representing the association of plot buyers in the Yamuna region have forwarded a six-point demand to the authority before more registries are carried out. “Farmers’ issues in C, D, R, S, T and U pockets of sector 20 are yet to be settled and no construction work can take place till then,” said Safal Suri from the association.

“We will soon hold camps to address the problems in certain blocks and facilitate physical possession to the allottees. We are holding meetings with farmers to resolve all issues,” said Singh.

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