Procedure of Allotment – Industrial Plots larger than 2000 Sqm

Though self-financing scheme by scheme-specific advertisement based on
registration. The applicant has to register his/her application.
How to Apply

  • A duly filled in application form must be submitted along with detailed
    proposal/project report and other statutory documents.
  • Applicant must attach a non-refundable & non-adjustable Processing Fee of
    Rs. 25000/-
  • Registration money is equivalent to 5% of the total premium of the plot area.
  • Rs. 1100/- would also be deposited if the application form is downloaded
    from the website. ( )
  • Registration amount and processing fee as stated above would be deposited
    through a bank draft in favour of Yamuna Expressway Industrial
    Development Authority and payable at any scheduled bank of New Delhi /
    Noida / Greater Noida.
  1. Procedure of Allotment
  • The application along with the requisite documents will be screened by a
    “Screening Committee”. An incomplete application / without requisite
    documents will not be recommended for the interview of the applicant.
    However, the applicant whose application is submitted with complete
    information and requisite documents will have to appear before the plot
    allotment committee for an interview on the prescribed date and time for
    examining the viability of the project.
  • The allotment of the plot is subject to the recommendation of “Plot Allotment
    Committee/Screening Committee” after the interview of the applicant.
  • On the approval of the CEO, allotment letters will be issued within a month
    of such support, by the General Manager/Manager (Industries) with the
    a condition that the allottee will submit an undertaking at the time of
    execution of lease Deed on non-judicial stamp paper of Rs.10/- .
  • Unsuccessful applicants will be informed along with a refund of the
    registration amount deposited.
  • Unit product does not come under the pollution category.
  • NOC from the U.P. Pollution Control Board & SSI Certificate from the concerned
    department of the Uttar Pradesh Government will be submitted before obtaining
    the functional certificate from YEIDA.
  • In case of violation of the above directions, YEIDA will be free to take any
  1. Mode of Payment, Lease & Possession or Functional
  • 5% of the total premium of the plot shall be deposited with the application form
    as registration money.
  • 5% of the total premium within 30 days of the issue of the reservation letter.
  • After confirming the receipt of 10% amount. Successful applicant/ allottee
    on the issue of a formal allotment letter shall be required to pay an additional 20% of
    the total premium within 60 days of the case of the allotment letter as allotment
    money without interest.
  • 70% of the total premium shall be paid in 16 equal half-yearly instalments
    with interest @ 12% p.a. The first such instalment will come due
    after six months of the date of issue of the allotment letter.
  • The allotment would stand cancelled in case of non-payment of the
    allotment money within the stipulated time.
  • Lease rent shall be chargeable from the date of execution of the lease deed @
    2.5% of the total premium per annum. The annual lease rent may be
    enhanced on expiry of every 10 years. The allottee shall have the option to
    pay a lump sum equivalent to 11 times the annual lease rent
    i.e.27.5% of total premium before the due date for execution of the lease deed as
    one-time lease rent. In case the allottee desires to pay past lease rent at a
    later stage he must have to pay 11 times of the annual lease rent i.e. 27.5%
    of the total premium, the lease rent already paid till such date will not be
  • Execute the lease deed and get the same registered within 60 days from the
    date of issuance of the checklist.
  • Allottee is required to take physical possession of the industrial property
    (ies) within 15 days from the date of execution of legal documents.
  • The allotment of the plot will be made on a leasehold basis for a period of 90
    years from the date of execution of the lease deed.
  • The allottee is required to take the completion certificate within 48 months from
    the due date of the lease deed.
  • Units to become functional within 48 months from the due date of execution
    of lease deed

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