YEIDA 10 vital real estate statistics


YEIDA 10 vital real estate statistics for 2023

  1. it’s estimated that roughly 5.46 million plots will be sold in 2023.
  2. in future YEIDA Will become the largest industrial hub which will create employment & Apportunity for the pepole 90%.
  3. 75% of Millennial homeowners used mobile devices to find their home.
  4. 79% of buyers researched properties of YEIDA online .
  5. In 2023 73% It estimates 24,700 hectares of land is allocated under the proposed land use by 3031 in yamuna expressway master plan.
  6. In 2023, 40% of buyers found virtual property tours very useful.
  7. Only 30% of homes sold in 2022 were through skd properties & constructions advertisement
  8. Now days 40% population buy or sell properties online .
  9. 80% buyers of sellers believe in paper work insteate of vocal conversation.
  10. The key factor for 58% of home buyers is the projects or popularity of the area.

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