YEIDA to allot 130-acre land for electronics firms, create 20,000 jobs

The Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA) plans to allot 130 acres of land to electronics firms, with the aim of creating 20,000 job opportunities.

Sixteen companies associated with a UK-based organisation will set up industrial units, mostly electronics manufacturing plants, on 130 acres of Yamuna Expressway Authority land in Sector 7.

Officials of the (YEIDA) said on Wednesday that the land will be allotted over the next six months.

“An announcement will be made during the G20 summit in September. The industrial cluster will generate employment for 20,000 people,” said YEIDA CEO Arun Vir Singh.

A delegation of officials of the Indian Partnership Forum (IPF), which signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) of Rs 4,000 crore with YEIDA for developing industries during the UP Global Investors Summit held last month, met YEIDA officials on Wednesday and sought lands for the industries.

IPF, set up with the support of the High Commission of India, is a non-profit think tank for policy advocacy that supports UK-India bilateral engagements. The organisation’s members comprise academics, artists, scientists, engineers, businesses and entrepreneurs.

Singh said IPF president Mohan Kaul told the authority that 16 companies, under the leadership of the Forum, will set up manufacturing units in two phases. “Six companies will come in the first phase. All these companies belong to the electronics sector. This includes companies working on medical devices, artificial intelligence, clean energy and hydrogen energy. They will manufacture their patented products here,” he said.

YEIDA’s planning department has been asked to work on the proposal.

Separately, an industrial city of Japanese companies will also be developed over 500 acres of land in Sector 7, it was decided after a meeting was held with YEIDA officials at the Japanese Embassy in New Delhi.

Another meeting, where central government officials may also participate, is likely to be held after the Holi festival (March 8).

Singh said mixed-land use with a primary focus on industries would be allowed in this city. “This city will be developed like an SEZ, wherein all kinds of facilities will be provided to the entrepreneurs. Lane use will be mixed, i.e. industry, commercial, residential and institutional activities can be done here,” he added.

 According to the plan, 70% of the land will be allocated for industry, 13% for commercial, 7% for residential, and the remaining for institutional and other facilities.

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